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6.7.3 Slots of transient-variable. .... commands can also be configured to not exit the transient. .... get that binding back see transient-bind-q-to-quit's doc-string. C-q ... This command saves the value of the active transient for this Emacs session.

emacs/nadvice.el at master · emacs-mirror/emacs · GitHub Contribute to emacs-mirror/emacs development by creating an account on GitHub. Mirror of GNU Emacs. Contribute to emacs-mirror/emacs development by creating an account on GitHub. (if docstring (setq docstring (concat docstring " \n "))) ... in the "function slot" of the symbol. But the way they are combined is;; ... Multiple dispatch for Emacs Lisp - GitHub May 08, 2019 · multiple dispatch "Swiss army-knife" for Emacs Lisp - vkz/multi NAME is only required to identify the pattern, the macro does not bind it. Optional DOCSTRING maybe supplied to improve readability of your code. ... This should aleviate the pain of having to use statically defined struct slot accessors e.g. foo-struct-name or hash-table ... some ivy hacks : emacs - reddit.com The value of the variable edebug-mode-map is a keymap, which you can see if you put your cursor after the variable name and evaluate the expression using C-x C-e.When a name of a variable is evaluated the value is looked up in the value slot of the symbol. You can get this value by:

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[Emacs-diffs] master 6afef3f: Go back to grave quoting in [Emacs-diffs] master 6afef3f: Go back to grave quoting in source-code do

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--no-docstrings option added to cythonize script. Original patch by .... (Github issue #2230); Overriding cpdef methods did not work in Python subclasses with slots. ..... (Github issue #1797); Problem with indirect Emacs buffers in cython- mode.

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elisp-docstring-mode - Major mode for editing elisp … emacs docstring documentation emacs-lisp.This means that the source code itself contains additional documentation: each function has its own docstring available via C-h f (describe-function), individual keybindings can be investigated with C-h k (describe-key), and a complete list of... Hiding Clojure and Elisp docstrings in Emacs | ProDevTips –… Docstrings are nice but some hours ago I just realized that they were taking up too much space, limiting my overview of the code. I thought it would be nice to be able to simply toggle the visibility of the docstrings on and off and started googling but it was surprisingly difficult to find a good answer. Emacs tool for docstrings