Contraband slot machine drop rates

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Contraband Slot Machine - Prize Statistics Some of you, probably most of you will be wondering what this is. The Contraband Slot Machine is a very old decoration that was released in the Acolyte's Shadow Pack, around the time of the first Nar Shaddaa Night Life Event.

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Contraband slot machine : swtor - Reddit They were, until the next disgrace; Shipment 8. Which removed all cartel certificates AND the means to get them from the game entirely and messed up the drop rates SO much, it required a mid-shipment change and the complete scrapping of the Researcher's pack, evidently.

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Cartel Market and Reputation Guide. ... They are also extremely rare drops from the Contraband Slot Machine. ... bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. This indicates drop rates within packs and collections account unlock costs. Bronze items within packs have been replaced with Grand Chance Cubes. No new bronze items are available. Tiny Tina slot machines :: Borderlands 2 General Discussions Seraph Crystals are known to drop from the machine after a roll of 19 on the d20. It happened to me three times in one sitting too after pumping more than 500 eridum into the machine. Pretty awesome really. In my experience, from 1 to around 7 to 9 is a fail and nothing happens. About the odds at the slot machines and farming legendary ... I have been wondering if the odds when playing atthe slot machines or when farming legendary weapons are stack against the account of the player or against the particular character you are playing with at that moment....or the odds just follow a different type of logic.(by the question is only when playing solo) Just curiosity. Swtor Slot Machine Decoder -

About the odds at the slot machines and farming legendary ...

The cost for the Contraband chips was increased to 750 credits. The drop rate on the scrap items and certificates is next to nothing. Factional walker mounts were added as rewards, but as someone on reddit pointed out, it’s quite possible that drop rate on those is’nt next to nothing, but may very well be nothing.